5 Easy Tips to Buy a Dump Truck

Easy Tips to Buy a Dump Truck - Buying a dump truck for both mining and construction needs is actually not a difficult thing. However, with the increasing number of brands on the market, you as a buyer must be very observant in choosing. For that, it never hurts to take a peek at the following 4 tips before starting to choose and buy a truck at a dealer or showroom that sells trusted heavy equipment so that you can get a dump truck that suits you.


Scania trucks – Commercial vehicles are indeed an important asset in the business world, especially now if you want your business to be more successful you must reach a wider range of consumers. So that this car is an important means of transportation that must be owned, given the fact that without the existence of its own means or means of transportation, the costs that must be incurred for the rental are also increasingly expensive.

Indeed, basically when talking about commercial vehicles, there are many types and brands that issue them, but not infrequently some consumers also have problems with price offers, the budget they have is not enough to buy products that are classified as expensive. But don't worry because you can still buy used products, here are tips for choosing the right one:

Check the physical condition of the vehicle, because usually the quality can be seen from its condition whether it is still intact or there are some parts that are already defective, it doesn't matter if it's just scratches or the like as long as it's not deformed to change the shape of the original body.

Test drive, to ensure the pulling quality of the truck is still good or comfortable, a trial must also be carried out. This is used to see if the quality of the car engine is still good or not.

Check directly all components, for consumers who are still laymen are highly recommended to invite people who are experts in this matter, such as mechanics, so they don't make the wrong choice.

Also check the completeness of the accompanying documents or ownership documents, because you are afraid that the product you buy is actually illegal or stolen. Never want to buy a vehicle without complete documents even though the price is cheap.

Here are some things to consider when buying a dump truck, including:

1. Determine the need for the use of dump trucks

To be able to get a dump truck that suits your needs, the first thing to do is to determine the needs of the use of the truck. Whether to transport mining materials, crops, or to transport construction materials. How much transport capacity is required. These different needs are of course different types or types of dump trucks that are appropriate to buy.

2. Adjust to the budget

Before starting to buy, it's a good idea to look for information first regarding the price of dump trucks on the market. Sometimes, different dealers can also make the price of the trucks sold experience differences. Well, you can try to do a little research by visiting several dealers who sell heavy equipment to compare the prices offered and then choose the one that suits your pocket. If the price of a dump truck in new condition does not match your budget, then you can try to consider buying a second hand dump truck.

3. Choose a trusted brand

Currently, there are many brands of dump trucks on the Indonesian market. Starting from brands from Europe, America, Korea, Japan, and even China. Although some brands sometimes offer much cheaper prices, it is better to choose a dump truck from a well-known and trusted brand such as UD Truck, Scania, Hino, and Mistubishi.

4. Do a detailed check

After finding a dump truck that fits your needs and budget, don't forget to do a thorough inspection of the condition of the truck. This inspection is important to make sure the condition of the truck is in top condition, especially if you buy a truck in a used condition. If this is your first time buying, it's a good idea to ask someone who has experience and understands about dump trucks, such as a technician from your company, to help with the inspection.

5. Choose the right dump truck dealer or showroom

To get maximum after sales service, it's a good idea to buy a dump truck from a dealer or showroom that already has a good name and reputation. The dealer or showroom is also usually equipped with a workshop and a complete supply of spare parts. This will certainly make it easier for you to maintain or facilitate truck maintenance and repairs in case of damage.

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