Simple Tips for Caring Car Engines for Beginners

 Simple Tips for Caring Car Engines for Beginners - Periodic maintenance - Do the proper maintenance of your car as per the manual. Make sure with the service station, air filter, oil filter, engine oil. Trucks are one of the choices of business people as a fleet in running their business. For this reason, when there is a problem with the truck, the loss suffered by the businessman is not only a matter of cost, but also a loss of time because the goods that need to be sent are hampered. To prevent this from happening, trucks—whether used trucks or new trucks purchased through a truck leasing service, need to be regularly maintained to keep them in top shape.

To find out how to maintain a truck, see the explanation below:

1. Regularly change the oil. Changing the oil regularly is the duty of the vehicle owner. This is to keep the truck engine in good condition. It is recommended that you change your truck fleet oil every 5000 km along with the oil filter in it.

2. Clean the air filter. The air filter serves to provide air intake to the truck engine. If the filter is empty, it will interfere with engine performance. For this reason, the air filter needs to be cleaned regularly so that the truck engine remains durable.

3. Preheat the truck before use. Before operating, the truck engine needs to be warmed up first. Its function is to lubricate the engine thoroughly to all parts of the engine. It is recommended that the engine warm up approximately 10 to 20 minutes before starting the truck.

4. Do not leave the tank empty. If the diesel tank is left empty, it will trigger problems with the Injection Pump. In addition, it can cause condensation which can damage the diesel filter components. Therefore, fill the tank when it is left 1/3 of its capacity.

5. Pay attention to tire pressure. This needs to be done before the truck is used to avoid problems with the tires on the way. Check all tires and air pressure. If there are traces of damage such as being punctured by an object, repair it immediately because it is feared that the tire will burst when operated.

6. Clean the vehicle box. Not only engine components that need to be treated, the truck body also needs to be taken care of. One of them is the vehicle box. The cleanliness of the vehicle box needs to be considered so that the quality of the goods sent is maintained. Clean up to the corners of the box until the stains, germs, and bacteria are gone before the truck is used.

7. Load according to truck capacity. Trucks have various types that are adapted to the load they carry. If the load is excessive, the machine will work more which as a result the machine will be damaged quickly.

8. Adjust to the road terrain. If the use of the truck is not in accordance with the road terrain such as driving it roughly, the legs of the truck become weak. Truck tires and wheels will also be damaged quickly. Therefore, truck drivers must slow down and pay attention to potholes when passing through off-road terrain.

That's how to take care of trucks starting from the engine to the truck body. Take good care of your truck fleet so that your business can run smoothly. May be useful!

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